Tiffanie McCoy’s mentorship program through Bird of Paradise Events provided me with 

great information and insight on marketing tips and branding.

During my mentorship with Tiffanie, I was able to network with various peers in the event planning community. I was able to shadow Tiffanie and was given the opportunity to gain access to various new venues around Baltimore. I am glad that I was able to work with 

Tiffanie over the last 6 weeks and I am sure that meeting with her will be a great asset 

to my growing business.  

I would definitely recommend mentoring to anyone looking to start and enhance their business.

Tira Grant
Tira Lynn Events

I have had the pleasure of working with Tiffanie McCoy since February 2015 and have seen tremendous growth in my business confidence and industry knowledge. Tiffanie gave me opportunities when no one else would and her learn by doing approach helped me learn the wedding planning business at such a rapid pace. By working with her I was ready and confident to lead our team by May 2015, when we were double booked and I needed to be lead planner while Tiffanie ran another wedding an hour away. Tiffanie allows me to be myself and also fine tune my skill set at the same time. But I think the best thing about Tiffanie is that she is so confident in herself and her business, that she allowed me to pursue my dreams of starting my own company and has stood by my side through the whole process. I am so grateful to work with Tiffanie and have her as a mentor.

Alexis Wilkins
Wedding and Event Planner, Alexis Wilkins Events

Tiffanie is such a great planner to learn alongside with! As a novice planner, she took me under her wing and allowed me to assist with events as soon as I shared my love for weddings with her. I admire her ability to delegate tasks and trust me with duties, even during my learning phase. When I began to take on my own events, she had no problem offering advice to ensure perfect planning. Any questions I have...to this day, Tiffanie answers with no hesitation! Such a motivating person to be around and a great source of encouragement for anyone looking to tap into event management! 

Tifphany, Enchanted Event Planning + Design

As an experienced and award winning wedding planner, Tiffanie "EventPlanner" will share the knowledge she has acquired throughout the years.

Regardless of your stage in the business, she will help to enhance your business or give you the skills to start a wedding planning business. During this time you will discuss topics such as Industry secrets, tips and tricks, setting up your business, business practices, client experiences, marketing and branding, wedding trends and cultures and how to execute wedding and events. The goal is to meet you where you are in your business stage and to help you take it to the next level.

Starting your own business isn't easy...building your brand isn't easy...maintaining it all isn't easy...Tiffanie "EventPlanner" has done it! 


WINNER 2016, 2017 & 2018


Registration is now open and limited!